Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown Shooting Prompts Media Induced Gun Grabbing Sentiment

As Rahm Emanuel once said, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste"

While we all begin to mourn and process the tragic events and devastating loss of innocent life at a Newtown, CT elementary school because of a very sick individual, there are a few things that really need to be said and noted.

The anti-gun brainwashing on the media is in full force.
The news reports are now unabashedly non-stop and biased against guns and gun ownership.
They are purposefully implanting fear and hatred into the viewers' heads, carefully using the images of this tragic event to further the anti-gun agenda.

However, this whole incident has nothing whatsoever to do with legal gun ownership, nor does it have anything to do with the accessibility or types of guns being legally sold to the public!

The truth of the matter is that a very sick person stole guns from a law abiding gun owner... and then shot his way into an elementary school and killed many innocent people.
We should be asking WHY did he do this!?

Any of the gun control laws that Statist and Leftists gun grabbers are proposing would not have stopped this terrible tragedy from happening!

CT already has pretty stern gun laws.
One does not merely walk into a store and buy a gun.
One has to pass background checks.
One has to obtain a gun permit to own a handgun, and that is an involved and time consuming endeavor.
One has to secure their firearms in their home... and Mrs. Lanza won't ever go to jail for not doing this because she is already dead.

Adam Lanza illegally had and used these guns.. and he won't go to jail for this crime because he is also already dead.

All of the rhetoric coming out of the media, the White House and the local State gun grabbing legislators is just that... rhetoric...rhetoric to promote their gun control agenda.... along with lots of hand wringing and screaming and orchestrated "tears" to stir the population into an anti-gun and fear mongering frenzy!

The truth of the matter is that the Second Amendment, gun ownership, and gun owners are NOT to blame for this tragedy.

We are being barraged by media reports now of the details of Adams life - and his mother's life... as the media begins to almost gleefully point out that Adam was a homeschooled kid - a loner - whose mother was a "prepper" - and lived in a big rich home. It is interesting to me that all of the things that the Left deems "odd" and "strange" or "bad" are now being actively and even subtly demonized now in order to brainwash the listeners of cable news into fearing people who own guns, or who may be preparing for an economic collapse, or who may have decided that homeschooling is a better alternative to government schooling. You see, they (the media) want you to fear these people.

So now, the Left is fully using this "crisis" to it's full potential - to bring about gun bans... and they are doing it in a way to make it sound like pro-2A people are pro-violence. They want to make it sound like 2A supporters are O.K. with this type of tragedy.  Well, I am NOT O.K. with this type of tragedy... but I am also NOT O.K. with Statists trying to eliminate my right to keep and bear arms!

We've seen that gun control is NOT about the guns.... it's about Statist CONTROL

FACT: The gun is not the is what is in the heart of the criminal that is the problem.. Let's address the culture of violence and not the guns!!

More gun laws and gun bans and ammunition bans are NOT the solution here!!

We ought to be investigating WHY Adam Lanza did this - it wasn't because he was homeschooled and it wasn't because his mother was a prepper and it wasn't because he came from a well to do home! (Interestingly enough, his dad, just like the Aurora shooter's dad was a finance guy - I wonder what that's about! There seem to be many similarities in these two cases.)

It's truly tragic what happened in Newtown... but the solution is NOT to remove second amendment rights or "infringe" on lawful gun ownership. All of the law abiding gun owners in this country need not be punished for the actions of some sick guy who chose to murder innocent children.

Where was the security in this Newtown School?
If schools are truly to be gun free zones then perhaps they ought to be checking on what people are bringing into their schools.
How did they allow this guy in with what he was carrying on him?
Once this guy got into the school, why was there not a way to stop him from his rampage?
The principal was talking to him in her office with the PA system on... could nothing else be done before this guy began killing?

Personally, I think there was something more behind this story and I would like to know what drugs this guy was on. I want to know who were the last people he was in contact with prior to this happening. I want to know why he was stirred into doing this heinous crime... or who may have prompted him to do this. 

Maybe we ought to be punishing the drug companies for creating medicated delusional individuals... or punishing Hollywood for creating a culture of violence...there is plenty of blame to go around when these things happen... and one thing I know is that it isn't the fault of law abiding gun owners or gun makers.. the other thing I know is that criminals do NOT obey knee-jerk reaction laws that are meant to prevent these tragedies, and the other thing I know is that no gun law being proposed by gun grabbing lawmakers now would have prevented this from happening. 

Adam Lanza was an unfortunate sick individual and he DID NOT follow current gun laws in the State of CT. 

More gun laws would not have stopped him from doing harm.

Case in point: Knife Attack at Chinese School

My prayers are with the families and victims of this awful tragedy in Newtown.
May we all work to create a more peaceful culture - one that respects life and our G-d given rights, which also includes our right to defend ourselves from any and all harm.