Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Media Lies!

I am appalled at the blatant media lies in regard to the public hearing on Gun Violence in Hartford, CT on Monday the 28th.
The report is that Mr. Heslin, a father of a slain Newtown child, was heckled.
I was there... Mr. Heslin was NOT heckled!

He asked the group assembled a question, and the people in the crowd responded to him.
He asked something along the lines of, "Can someone explain to me why someone would need one of these weapons" and the crowd there replied to his question, "Second amendment, shall NOT be infringed".

Of course the anti-gun media grabbed this and reported widely that the man was heckled.
It's Bull Manure!

Here is the article in the CT Post and in the Daily Mail in the UK. 

Furthermore, as I heard it, Mr. Heslin's ex-wife is a gun owner and did NOT want her son to be used to promote an anti-gun agenda.

It is absolutely beyond the pale that lies like these are being spread through the media.

UPDATE:  HotAir Clears the air!!!