Friday, January 25, 2013

The Real Culprit Of Newtown

It isn't the guns... it's SSRI drugs.

We haven't heard about what drugs Adam Lanza was on, but I will wager he was on something. One does not just wake up one morning - shoot their mother's face off and then go to a school with guns to murder children and teachers. There had to be drugs involved. Where are the toxicology reports?

These pharmaceuticals are poison! and these drug companies know this.

Let's not allow legislators to go after guns when the real problem is the drugs that kids are being given.

I want to know what drugs Lanza was on... and who he saw or had contact with prior to his rampage.

I want answers.
I want drug companies held responsible.

My guns did not kill those children in Newtown .... why do I stand to be punished for a crime I did not commit?