Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Carnival Of Homeschooling

Welcome to another edition of the 
Carnival of Homeschooling!

This week's theme answers the question,
 "What do homeschoolers DO all day?"

First, let's welcome a first time contributor to the Carnival! This newbie homeschooler gets a mindshift in home education! This mother of four children, after much prayer and agreement with hubbie, begins this homeschooling lifestyle after having her children in full-time school for years. Learning in the Real World is the name of the post and it is found at the blog, Diamonds in the Rough.

Homeschoolers Plan!
This entry is by Homeschool For Two who wants to let others know how their school year is planned and scheduled in order to make sure it all gets done without the "we could have done more" guilt. The post is called Planning Our School Year.

Homeschoolers Set Goals!!
Why Homeschool revisits a reason for homeschooling, being able to stack the deck in favor of your children.... Read all about it in the post Stacking the Deck - Round Two.

Homeschoolers Exercise!!
As For My House shares an informative post about Better Biking.

Homeschoolers Take Tests!!
Time4Learning Community Blog says that understanding standardized tests is tricky at best... and they offer a few tips to make that easier for you! Check it out at the blogpost entitled   
How do I read this test? Simplifying Standardized test results.

Homeschoolers Read!
.. and we love book reviews!!!! Here is a review of book that would be very helpful in determining if you should homeschool or not. The title of this post: Is Homeschooling Really For You? Review and Giveaway which can be found at the blog Proclaiming God's Faithfulness.

Homeschoolers Do Their Homework!!
Though some progressive schools around the country have taken steps to eliminate homework, it still remains a fixture in the lives of most students... and homeschoolers are no different as they also have issues with work that they must do independently.  Hailey Jones shares with us 5 Ways to Help Kids Who Are Struggling With Homework posted over at Nanny Websites.

Homeschoolers Do Crafts!!
DenSchool alerts us to get an early start on preparing fun and educational activities for St. Patrick's Day with this article entitled St. Patrick's Day it's full of facts, crafts, recipes and more!

Homeschoolers Take Part In Their Community!!
How does volunteering help your homeschool child? Find out by reading the post entitled Is Volunteering Important for your Homeschooler? which can be found on the blog HomeschoolvsPublicschool.

Homeschoolers Teach Little Ones!
Eclectic Momma shares with us her thoughts about Pre-K learning with her post on   Preschool- Learning is Not Just for the Student.

Homeschoolers Have Scientific Success!!
Christine of The Thinking Mother shares success after some struggles with study habits for homeschool high school chemistry... find some wisdom with Post 94.

Homeschoolers Have Fun With Science!!!
Scheduling lessons is always a popular topic among homeschoolers. Here is a review of how we implemented Zoology 1 (from the Young Explorers Series by Apologia Science) in our homeschool, using daily zoology lessons. I have included downloadable .pdfs for each month, with daily lessons from the text, links to nature studies we completed for lessons, and helpful resources we used for each lesson. Title of this post is Scheduling Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day and is from the blog A Child's Garden.

Homeschoolers Learn Empathy!
Learning empathy is a life long journey, but with a good solid foundation in childhood your child will grow to see situations from other people’s points of view. Shelby Martin presents How to Help Your Child be Empathetic posted at GoNannies.com.

Homeschoolers Practice Answering Tough Questions!!
Ask A Wiseman thinks that someday your child might be faced with answering a very tough question and so he offer this post entitled, How Do You Know God is Real? on his website Questions and Answers About Life.

Homeschoolers Share Techniques!!
Help for parents who are teaching a visual learner at home. How to Teach a Visual Learner is being brought to us from Living Life and Learning.

Homeschoolers Learn To Solve Problems!!
The new economy requires problem-solvers; homeschooling is the way to educate them. Barbara Frank Online shares reasons for Why Your Child Needs to Fail.

Homeschoolers Get Involved In Government!!
Illinois' Senate Education Vice-Chair was shocked at our compulsory attendance age of seven years of age and wants it to be five years of age. She seems to have ulterior motives involving homeschoolers too. Corn and Oil shares this post with us Illinois Kindergarten Should Be Parental Choice.

We sure cover a lot of ground!!
Hope you learned something useful from this Carnival.
One thing I learned today - and that is that Homeschoolers ROCK!!
A big Thank You to everyone who contributed to this week's Carnival!

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Rach J DeBruin said...

Thanks for hosting this fun carnival & I am so honored to be a participant!!

Kim @ Bugs N Stuff said...

Ditto here! And I love the way you presented it -- thank you!


Barbara Frank said...

Thanks for hosting and including my post. Will promote on Twitter. Love the stuff on your sidebar :)

Jamie Gaddy said...

Thanks, great carnival!!

Susan Ryan said...

Thank you, Judy! I've been sharing the Parent Rap with my kids too. The saggin' diaper brings back memories.

I really wish we homeschoolers didn't have to spend so much time tellin' people (legislators) to leave us alone.

I have things to do, people to see and it's sure not a state legislator on the top of my FUN list.

Just sayin'