Friday, March 15, 2013

670 Colt Employees Rally At The CT Legislature!

Chanting "Save Our Jobs" - they came to leave a very loud and clear message to the Governor and the General Assembly!
If the Legislature passes laws banning certain firearms - these jobs and many others will be lost!

and inside the LOB

I was glad to hear outstanding and reasoned testimony at the Committee on Public Safety and Security by owners/representatives of Mossberg, Stag Arms, Colt and Sturm Ruger.

Well done!
Let's hope these draconian anti-gun laws that were before the committee today, as well as others waiting in the wings, are defeated and this legislature comes to its senses.
and let's hope the Governor got a very strong dose of reality from the employees of Colt!

UPDATE: Read more here.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think that Emperor Dannel 88 cares a feather or a fig about the jobs of all those Colt people who packed the building? Since when do monarchs listen to peasants anyway?

Libertarian Advocate said...


I think Malloy is in fact scared shitless.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Another observation: Scanning the faces of the Colt crowd, I see that the group was widely diverse both ethnically and by sex. I suspect that the bulk of the jobs are unionized manufacturing jobs. Historically, at least in the North East the Democrat Party has been a two caste party where the upper caste (managers and candidates) of the Party have been largely been college and grad school educated white-collar class liberal technocrats while the rank and file tended to be a mix of both very liberal white collar types and blue collar unionists. It was an easy coalition for a long time. However, somewhere along the line, the Managers and candidates of the N.E. Democrats became both ever wealthier and shifted from being merely liberal to being radically progressive. Suddenly, the Gun Control debate has exposed a growing divide between the economic interests of the Party's elite and its rank and file members. It's plainly the rich Fairfield County "Progressives" that are the driving force behind the proposed draconian gun control laws and it is the Blue Collar unionists who stand to lose the most economically from the inevitable job losses that will come from any firearm bans.

The Democrats in this state are now the house divided.