Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where Are The Jobs For College Graduates?

Short answer... there are none...
My daughter just graduated college and is currently applying for various jobs in her field.
She is running into a serious issue, and that is this: there are no longer entry level positions to be had!!
Why is this?
Well, most entry level jobs nowadays are being filled as "internships".
It's a wonderful thing for businesses because they can fill their entry level positions with people who don't get paid, but instead work for college credit.  Good for them, bad for anyone looking for a start in their field of study.
Otherwise, entry level jobs are being filled by people who are underemployed, who may have experience in their field but working in a job that pays less for their experience level.
And, if you have worked in an internship as part of your college study, don't count on them hiring you afterwards.  More than likely, they won't want to hear from you again after your stint with them is completed.. and that is after they told you what a wonderful job you did for them.
So with all of these entry level jobs already filled, there really is nothing left for most new college graduates. They are forced then into service and retail jobs which do not utilize the skills learned in their college experience, and do not really give them the hours needed to support living independently AND paying off student loans.

On top of it all, the job application process nowadays is just horrendous.
These unfortunate college grads spend their days job hunting on the Internet, submitting their resume and cover letters to scores of online application websites..or Corporate websites.  They press a button and their resume goes into a black hole.
They may not hear anything back from their application ... ever.
If they are lucky they might get an email response months later.
It's atrocious.

Gone are the days when you would go into a Human Resource Department and talk to a live human being and hand in a resume, or schedule and interview for one of their listed jobs.
Gone are the days when you would have a phone number to call and contact  live person in an HR Department and inquire about job openings.
Most Internet application sites tell you not to call or email after submitting your resume and information.
The person to person aspect of job hunting is completely gone, leaving our young generation with much uncertainty and little encouragement.

If anyone knows anyone in the Music Industry or Entertainment Law  .. let me know  :)
Nashville, TN area is especially welcome.