Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In-Effective Gun Laws And Magazine Ban In Progress - CT


Bi-Partisan my ass!
The Socialist Democrats in the CT Legislature have crafted an anti-gun crap sandwich for compromising Republicans to swallow.  And swallow they will because they always fold like a bunch of cheap shirts. They all pat themselves on the back and talk about how hard they worked to hammer out "a deal" - when they just merely capitulated to the whims of the ruling class in the legislature to punish gun owners.  As far as I am concerned, any Oath and Constitution respecting legislator would never vote yes for this bill, and I am hoping there will be some honest and sane legislators who will take a stand and say NO to compromising 2nd amendment rights in this state.

A Draconian "Emergency Certified" bill will now be summarily rammed down the throats of CT gun owners. It would be fine if any of the proposals would prevent another Sandy Hook massacre from happening - but they won't. These new laws will only serve to punish legal gun/permit owners and give an advantage to criminals in CT and give more power to the State to dictate 2nd amendment rights and to make gun ownership more difficult.  The State is now going to tell everyone what THEY think citizens should have to defend their family and home... and mind you, the criminals won't care in the least.

One person commented:
“I haven’t had a chance to do it yet, but could someone please inform MS-13, Mexican Mafia, The Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerrilla Family, The Crips, The Bloods, The Latin Kings and any other lot of fellows that this new magazine rule is going to be in play? I would hate to see any of these upstanding citizens get in trouble because they didn’t follow the 10 round rule for their legally owned guns and magazines. Thanks”

I wonder if Sen. Williams will send a memo to CT's gangs letting them know they should comply.

Highlights of this piece "infringing" legislation:
*Expand and strengthen an existing prohibition on semi-automatic assault rifles;
*Ban the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds;
*Mandate registration of existing high-capacity magazines;
*Create a “dangerous weapon offenders registry,” available only to law enforcement;
*Require a “certificate of eligibility” or gun permit before buying any ammunition. Certificates of eligibility could only be obtained after undergoing a national criminal background check;
*Institute a universal background check for all purchases of firearms, including private sales.

None - absolutely NONE - of these provisions would have prevented Adam Lanza from doing what he did.

This proposed new CT firearms law requires special registration for any magazine that accommodates more than ten rounds (considered "large capacity"). Penalty for non-compliance: Class D felony, 1 to 5 years, Up to $5,000. Compliance deadline is January 1st 2014.
So get this - A class D felony!!!.....and this is considered worse than:
*public indecency

The truth is a ban on so-called "high capacity magazines" is stupid and won't make one bit of difference. Lanza had TEN Thirty round magazines, reloaded SIX TIMES and he wasted dozens of bullets and discarded partially full magazines. A 10 round limit will not stop anyone from doing this kind of crime again. The upshot is that these anti-gun lawmakers only seek to make lawful gun ownership more expensive and burdensome. They are calling the most common sized handgun magazines “high capacity” when they are in fact "standard capacity". The fact of the matter is that the gun control folks are already saying they will be back for MORE - they will not stop with this. This is precisely why compromise with these people is useless and only an erosion of our rights.

This isn't about switching out magazines to save 11 kids... nope.. If Sandy Hook Elementary had had some decent school security or if the teachers were equipped with pepper spray or taser guns then more children would have survived. Adam Lanza specifically chose a Gun Free Zone for his attack - we know this just as we know he switched out magazines. So the 30 round capacity magazines and illegally obtained guns he used were not the problem here.

CT permit holders are paying the price for the misdeeds of a madman - the whole massacre could have been avoided if Adam Lanza's mental health issues were properly addressed in the first place!... but what mental health provisions are there in this bill? They will set up yet another useless Task Force... and We still don't know what drugs Lanza was or wasn't taking - and we don't know who he may have spoken to on his gaming chats that may have planted the seeds for his twisted ideas. We still do not know who those two people were that were apprehended in the woods behind the school. In fact, there are many things we do not know about this attack.

It's incredible - at a time when financial collapse is on the horizon and enemies of the US are within our borders, home invasions in our suburbs and crime in our cities these clowns in Hartford want to disarm us? It's immoral.. that's what it is!