Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Obama Breaks The Law

Policy Statement
Federal funds may not be used to influence or attempt to influence any member of the Executive or Legislative branches of government (including any agency employee) for the purpose of securing a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement or an extension, renewal, or modification of any of these. Charging travel expenses to a federal award or being paid from a federal award while attempting to influence the award of federal funds for a specific program is defined as lobbying, and is prohibited. Such expenditures by a third party on your behalf are prohibited as well.

It is wholly appalling how this President continues to ignore the law.. and not get called out on it!
He must be made accountable, and in this case parading these parents in front of Congress in order to pursue an agenda to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment is just incredible.

Obama is exploiting these parents - using their emotion and loss to promote a national citizen disarmament program... but then again we all know his mantra always has been "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

Additionally, these parents seem to be co-operating nicely while they are making commercials, appearing on 60 Minutes and Talk Shows, doing radio ads, and other public appearances. No doubt, it won't be long for them to get book deals and Lifetime Movie deals and hiring publicists. I wonder who is paying for all of this and if they are getting paid as well.  Aren't these parents missing work-time from their "regular jobs"?

..and why aren't we hearing more from parents like Mark Mattioli - a Newtown parent who lost a child and does not believe more gun laws and gun control is the answer??

Who exactly is funding these organizations Newtown Action Alliance, Sandy Hook Promise,  CT Against Gun Violence, and March For Change, etc.

Have there been false pretenses in raising money "for Newtown" and money collected at events...to supposedly help the families of victims and 1st responders in Newtown ... how much of that money is going towards anti-gun lobbying efforts through those organizations collecting funds?  Who, for instance, is paying for the glossy large sized post cards being handed out by these parents to legislators?

Follow the money.
Money is being misused here.
Lawsuits should be filed.