Monday, May 6, 2013

Obama Says - Don't Listen To Them ... Listen To Me

Graduates of Ohio State University were treated to a speech by King... I mean, President, Obama... where he spoke to them about rejecting the voices they hear warning them of tyranny.

These are the same students who will be spending the next 10-15 years struggling to pay off Federal Government backed student loans, paying higher taxes to Federal and State coffers, and paying for Obamacare, while adhering to an array of other laws meant to control and restrict their lives. Chances are many of these graduates won't even be able to find work - except for retail or menial service jobs - and may even be reduced to working for the government.

Yeah... so while they are being made slaves to the State, Obama advises them to reject any notion of tyranny... how interesting... and in the same breath he says they should take responsibility for their own lives.. which really means obey the State and work hard to pay your tribute.

So tell me - where is this "self-rule" that Obama speaks of? We are told where and what to smoke, how much soda we can have, what vaccines we must pump into our bodies, that we have no choice in knowing what's in our GMO laden food, who we can marry, what kinds of toilets we can purchase, whether we can collect rainwater, and on and on and on...

In the meantime, government has demonstrated how easily martial law is instituted, having innocent people and their homes searched without warrants, complete with armed tanks rolling down American city streets, and guns pointed at American homes as they continue the growing militarization of local law enforcement. All the while they demand citizen compliance and acceptance of these police actions. All of this, of course, is funded by the very taxes we all slave to pay! It should also be noted that the Federal government is in the process of stockpiling millions of rounds of ammunition, while summarily trying to disarm American citizens with Obama's anti-gun agenda.

So yeah, Class of 2013.... just ignore those voices which warn you of tyranny... and tyrannical controlling government policies... just move along.. nothing to see here... and by all means ... "don't gum up the works".