Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Gets Taught!

Bravo to this young man, named Jeff Bliss, that had the guts to speak his mind to a "teacher".
He was totally fed up by Ms. Phung giving out another unimaginative packet of worksheets for the class to fill out instead of actually teaching a lesson to the class.
Kids need enthusiasm and inspiration from their teachers.

When a student like this - who is obviously craving for educational challenge and takes a stand for his right to learn - speaks out, it is the responsibility for us all to listen. We should be aware of the nonsense passing for "education" in our government schools. Thank goodness another student recorded this because we all need to see and hear this. It's just too bad that the rest of the class did not follow this young man out of the classroom.

Teachers like this - and students like Jeff - are the reason why homeschooling should be an unhindered (free) and viable option. I truly hope that this young man never changes his desire to question, to take a stand and to speak out!

After the above video went viral... the News picked up the story: