Friday, June 7, 2013

Surveillance Nation

Fourth Amendment - Totally trashed.
So now it has been revealed how the US government is spying on American citizens... using phone records, social media, the Internet and a whole host of other means.

I present the new theme song of the National Security Agency (NSA).

America... what will you do to stop these abuses?
Will you continue to allow government spying on you?
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty and warrants?
Whatever happened to the right to privacy?

You can thank the Patriot Act for this type of tyranny.
So - who voted for the Patriot Act???

Our government is using the NSA to collect phone records of completely innocent people and using the IRS to attack their political adversaries... they are trying to disarm the public while sending arms and money to enemies abroad.. this and much more... NOT a GOOD situation folks.... Not at all Good!

and who among us was called a lunatic when we said this kind of thing would happen?

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